How could a person be so radiant after experiencing sexual abuse at the age of nine, serious health issues that almost resulted in death, the near kidnap of a daughter, and many other challenges?


Darja Reichör was born in Germany and grew up in Marseille, where she now lives with her husband and their four children. She was a prison chaplain for many years, and today, together with her husband, leads the EPP church with several locations. Darja speaks at various conferences in France and Europe. Storms Blow Over is her first book.

"Storms Blow Over" is a moving testimony. This book invites you to reflect upon your own suffering—to carry your trials not as a heavy burden, but as a light crown. This book is for men and women who want to face their suffering differently. Because even tragedies are beacons of hope.

This book :
- won’t teach you to live a perfect life in a perfect world.
- is powerful because it witnesses to God’s dealings in our lives.
- shows us the reality and complexity of life that often makes us feel like there is a big gap between what we believe and what we are living.
- speaks about the importance of always hanging onto God, no matter what.
- , written through tears and gratitude, will change your life—if you let it.
- is proof that, with Jesus, we can get through troubled waters, fire, or storms. Proof that even if we don’t experience miracles immediately, we can become the miracle.


Glyn & Sophia BARRETT

Senior Leaders Audacious Church
This is a powerful story of hope, of faithfulness, and of overcoming.
Darja has gone through more suffering during her young life than most expe- rience in a whole lifetime; however, instead of running away from her God, she shows us the comfort, healing, and joy she has found in running to Him. This is not the common narrative of suffering we find in this story. Many would believe that suffering indicates God’s absence, abandonment, and punishment—but this is not Darja’s message. Through her story, she echoes the same message penned by King David in Psalm 23; the Lord, our shepherd, is our companion, our comforter, and our champion as we walk through valleys where death casts its shadow. The truth is that we need not fear the storms of life because our God is with us should cause us to shout for joy and celebrate! Darja encourages us to see the storms of pain and suffering as an opportunity for God to show Himself strong and faithful to His promises. Our prayer is that as you get to know this brave, passionate, and unrelenting woman of God, in the midst of whatever hardships you are facing (or will face), you will also run to this faithful God, just like she did.


Senior Leader, Kingdomcity Church
The struggle is real, but so is God. If this book does anything, it will remind you of that! A story of trial, trauma, sickness, and pain that ultimately led to a faithful, comforting God. Be inspired by Darja’s resilient faith and be empowered to fix your eyes on Jesus, regardless of what life throws at you.

Thomas  & Kat HANSEN

Lead Pastors, Hillsong Church Denmark & Malmö
Darja’s faithfulness and trust in God is inspiring. Despite all the pain she has endured throughout her life, she always holds on to hope. Storms Blow Over invites us to go on the journey with her and discover our own faith in God—even in the midst of our own storms. We are so grateful for Darja’s courage to write this much-needed book. It will be a blessing to many!

Leo & Susanna BIGGER

Senior Pastors, ICF Church
How can you be so radiant, full of joy, zeal, and faith after you were sexually abused at the age of nine, faced several times with death, and lost almost all four children? This book is a powerful account of God’s presence in the midst of the storms of life. Darja is the proof of how Jesus can turn evil into good. He restores and uses the storms of our lives as a powerful testimony to His loyalty and greatness. We thoroughly recommend that you read Darja’s story.


Founders, TopChrétien and
Darja came across as a beautiful young woman, very fulfilled in serving the Lord with great enthusiasm. We felt prompted to get to know her better. She told us about herself, and we were left speechless as we heard her recount the unusual journey she has told in this fascinating book. We could not help but ask ourselves how someone could be so radiant, so full of joy, faith, and enthusiasm after having been sexually abused at nine years old and after having been through so many other trials. Storms Blow Over is the miraculous tale of the presence of God in the midst of the storms of life. This book will show you how the Lord can turn evil into good and restore you, no matter what trials you go through. We warmly recommend that you read this first book written by Darja.


Senior Pastor Life Church
Darja’s story is an incredible testimony of healing, restoration, and hope that will inspire and give you practical steps to walk in the freedom that is available to every person because of what Jesus Christ has done for you. Darja will take you on a journey as you travel through the pages of her life, to see the pain, but in a way that will point you to finding healing. It is a book for our time. I pray that her journey will lead you to a place of discovering greater peace and joy in the journey ahead.

Patrick O'Connell

Global Director NewThing Network
In her book, Storms Blow Over, my friend, and fellow church leader, Darja Reichör, bravely shares her story of childhood trauma and physical pain that is ultimately redeemed by God. Darja has faced many storms as a child and then as a young mother. Yet through the storms, Darja has learned to trust God for her life and give Him her pain. She reminds us all that life is full of storms, but God is always with us and always for us. This book will challenge and inspire anyone who has faced trauma and suffering and has wondered where God was during it all. You will be encouraged and reminded that God is with you, despite the storms you face.


Founder, EPP Church; Global Leader, Crossing Waves Network
When I read this book, with the different episodes and their various challenges, it called to mind every moment we lived through as a family and that I experienced as Darja’s father. By writing this book, Darja has managed to tell much more than a dramatic story. She has allowed the reader to see the faithfulness of God in every moment of life. How many times have I heard Darja tell me that with God, nothing is impossible? This book proclaims loudly and clearly the greatness of God, His faithfulness, and His love for each one of us. The probing questions in every chapter have challenged me to reflect. As you read the pages, you will discover that this God of the impossible is not only present in the storms of life but also when the storms blow over.


Lead Pastor, Åbenkirke, Copenhagen, Denmark
The first time I heard some of Darja’s story, my heart was deeply touched by God’s amazing love, restoration, and ability to make beauty from ashes. Darja’s story is about God’s peace, provision, and power. It’s a story about overcoming. In every area you have victory, you will receive the authority to release that breakthrough over others. One thing is needed in the world today: the peace and power of God. Peace for every troubled mind and weary soul, and strength to break free from what binds us. If you want to walk in that freedom and power and release others to do the same, I highly recommend this book to you.


Co-founder, EPP Church, Life Coach and Nutritional Advisor
Wow! I am sure you will be as moved in your soul and spirit as I was rea- ding Darja’s book. She shares her life with us and lets us see the greatness of God in the traumatic situations she has experienced. She challenges us to look deep within, so we can breakthrough into a new level of God’s love and reality. That is my daughter. Once she discovers some truth about God and believes it,it’s impossible for her not to share it with others.This book is so real, so down-to-earth, and inspiring. As her mother, I am so delighted that Darja has never let go of God’s hand, that she has always chosen to believe and act in faith, and that she has always trusted that with God, nothing is impossible!